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Every day, thousands of brain images and brain signals are captured during clinical trials and in the course of routine patient care. Rune Labs is bringing precision medicine to neuroscience by making this brain data useful at scale.

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Our software platform helps partners in med-tech and pharma to ingest, organize, and analyze large amounts of brain input/output data, all on state-of-the-art secure cloud infrastructure.

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We want better, patient-centered treatments for brain disease.

Many team members at Rune Labs have been affected directly or indirectly by neurological and psychiatric diseases. While it is our single-minded mission to bring new treatments and therapies to our communities and loved ones, we don’t believe any end can justify the means.

At Rune, empathy with the patients we engage with fuels not only our drive and passion, but our deep-felt respect of their privacy, dignity, rights, and humanity. We believe precision medicine starts with patient-centered design of the software and tools that enable it.

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Electrophysiology and brain imaging data give network-level insight into neurodegenerative and psychiatric diseases.

Brain diseases like Parkinson’s and Depression result in pathological network-level brain activity.

When our partners record this activity, we help them understand patient-specific pathophysiologies to guide treatment, uncover hidden disease phenotypes, and design better targeted therapies.

Brain data

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Time-series brain data requires time-series labels to generate the most insight.

We work with our partners to prospectively enrich electrophysiological and related time-series brain data with video data, audio data, and data from wearable sensors.

This makes it possible to analyze the evolution of a neural state at fine time scales to discover new biomarkers for disease progression.

our science

Longitudinal and multi-patient analysis requires data aggregation.

We’ve automated the labeling, ingestion, and indexing of brain data at scale to create the largest ever aggregated datasets of these types.

With our software, our partners can collect and analyze real-world datasets without hassle, and clinical trial researchers optimize therapy parameters on a patient-by-patient basis.

We’ve partnered with academics and research facilities to further our mission.

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