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Frontiers in Human Neuroscience

Proceedings of the 10th Annual Deep Brain Stimulation Think Tank: Advances in Cutting Edge Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Neuromodulation, Neuroethics, Interventional Psychiatry, and Women in Neuromodulation

Wong J.K, Mayberg H.S, Richardson R.M, Halpern C.H, Krinkle L, Arlotti M, Rossi L, Priori A, Marceglia S, Gilron R, Cavanaugh J.F, Judy J.W, Miocinovic S, Devergnas A.D, Sillitoe R.V, Cernera S, Oehrn C.R, Gunduz A, Goodman W.K, Peterson E.A, Bronte-Stewart H, Raike R.S, Malekmohammadi M, Greene D, Heiden P, Tan H, Volkmann J, Von Valerie, Li L, Sah Pankaj, Coyne T, Lilburn P, Kubu C, Wexler A, Chandler J, Provenza N.R, Heilbronner S.R, Luciano M.S, Rozell C.J, Fox M.D, Hemptinne Cd, Henderson J.M, Sheth S.A, & Okun MS

Embedding Digital Chronotherapy into Bioelectronic Medicines

Fleming J.E, Kremen V, Gilron R, Gregg N.M, Zamora M, Dijk DJ, Starr P.A, Worrell G.A, Little S, and Denison T.J
Journal of Neural Engineering

Concurrent Stimulation and Sensing in Bi-Directional Brain Interfaces: A Multi-Site Translational Experience

Ansó J, Benjaber M, Parks B, Parker S, Oehrn C.R., Petrucci M, Gilron R, Little S, Wilt R, and Bronte-Stewart H
Nature Biotechnology

Long-Term Wireless Streaming of Neural Recordings for Circuit Discovery and Adaptive Stimulation in Individuals with Parkinson’s Disease

Gilron R, Little S, Perrone R, Wilt R, Hemptinne C.d, Yaroshinsky M.S, Racine C.A, Wang S.S, Ostrem J.L, Larson P.S, Wang D.D, Galifianakis N.B, Bledsoe I.O, Luciano M.S, Dawes H.E, Worrell G.A, Kremen V, Borton D.A, Denison T, and Starr P.A
Nature Medicine

Long-Term Ecological Assessment of Intracranial Electrophysiology Synchronized to Behavioral Markers in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Provenza N.R, Sheth S.A, Dastin-van Rijn E.M, Mathura R.K, Ding Y, Vogt G.S, Avendano-Ortega M, Ramakrishnan N, Peled N, Gelin L.F.F, Xing D, Jeni L.A, Ertugrul I.O, Barrios-Anderson A, Matteson E, Wiese A.D, xu J, Viswanathan A, Harrison M.T, Bijanki K.R, Storch E.A, Cohn J.F, Goodman W.K, and Borton D.A
Frontiers in Human Neuroscience

The Role of Large-Scale Data Infrastructure in Developing Next-Generation Deep Brain Stimulation Therapies

Chen W, Kirkby L, Kotzev M, Song P, Gilron R, and Pepin B

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