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NOV 2013

FDA approves Neuropace RNS system, the world’s first responsive deep brain stimulation device

OCT 2018

Rune Labs is founded in San Francisco

JUN 2020

Medtronic announces Percept DBS, the first DBS device for Parkinson’s to directly record brain signals

OCT 2020

Rune Labs closes $5M Seed Financing round lead by DigiTx Partners

SEP 2021

Rune Labs closes $22.8M Series A round led by Eclipse Ventures

NOV 2021

Rune Labs and Medtronic partner to evaluate use of Medtronic BrainSense Data in Rune’s Software for Precision Neurology

Jun 2022

Rune Labs Secures FDA Clearance for Parkinson's Disease Monitoring through StrivePD Ecosystem on Apple Watch

Mar 2023

Rune Labs’ launches StriveStudy, a  clinical trial platform accelerating development of precision neurology therapies

JAN 2024

Rune Labs unveils $12M strategic round led by Nexus NeuroTech Ventures to accelerate adoption of novel PD technologies

Our values

  • We encourage individuals to bring their whole-selves to work in a respectful and constructive way. Be expressive, be curious, be yourself.
  • We invest the time and resources necessary to ensure no group is excluded or underrepresented. Diversity in people, experiences, backgrounds, and locations is not just a responsibility, it is a necessity.  
  • We are committed to fair treatment, access, opportunity, and advancement of all. We are committed to eliminating malevolent behavior and redressing structural barriers through our policies, our culture and our personal ethics.
  • As a cross-functional team, transparency is a key aspect that scales Rune Labs, and we believe communicating the good, the bad, the ugly to the whole team will allow us to continuously grow, evolve, and be prepared for challenges.
  • We encourage individuals to share creative ideas and go into conversations with a solution-oriented mindset. We are in this together.
  • With a distributed workforce, it’s important to feel heard and acknowledged for the good work and progress we’ve made. We invest in getting to know one-another through company-wide all hands meetings, smaller group sessions, “Keep Rune Weird” company engagement initiatives, team on-sites, communication channels, and one-on-ones.
  • We value staying connected personally and professionally. At Rune Labs, sharing what we have been up to outside of work brings us closer together.
  • We strongly believe in taking care of oneself. Our employees are high functioning, collaborative, and accountable individuals who are empowered to take time for themselves while still delivering quality results.
  • We offer flexible vacation plus company holidays and encourage folks to take time off to recharge (with the expectation of setting the team up for success while one is out in advance). Our leadership team models this behavior as well.
  • With team members across the globe, adaptability is part of our DNA. Flexibility is intrinsic to how we communicate and build together.
  • Empathy for the patients we engage with fuels not only our drive and passion, but our deep-felt respect of their privacy, dignity, rights, and humanity. At Rune Labs, being honest and upfront with users about how we use, share, and protect their data is extremely important.
  • We purposefully design legal agreements to remove both the possibility and incentive for misuse of patient data, now or at any point in the future.
  • We discuss and evaluate patient risk in every phase of our engineering process, regardless of whether regulation obligates us or not.
  • We do not take shortcuts when it comes to security and safety of health data.
  • Regardless of the ever-changing nature of a startup, all Rune Labs employees have one mission in mind, to improve patient lives. We want better, patient-centered treatments for brain disease.
  • At Rune Labs, we collaborate with patients, clinicians, researchers, and industry partners to deliver the next generation of care for people with neurological disorders.  
  • We push ourselves to be proactive, think creatively and out of the box to arrive at unconventional solutions for the changing needs of the business while keeping in mind the safety of patients, partners, and our employees.
  • We motivate individuals to take a team first attitude and empower them to add value where they can, even if it is outside their expertise. We believe this is how startups grow and succeed.


Leadership team

Rune Labs is a team of curious, driven individuals with diverse backgrounds and skills, but we’re all passionate about using brain data to improve patients' lives.

Adin Stein
Chief Information Security Officer
Aiden Arnold
Senior Data Scientist
Brian Pepin
Chase Babcock
VP of Operations, StrivePD
Priya Kumar
Head of Communications and Marketing
Ram Balasubramanian
VP Engineering
Ro'ee Gilron
Lead Neuroscientist
Swati Reichmuth
Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer
William Newby
VP of Product

our Board of Directors

Brian Pepin

CEO and Founder at Rune Labs

Jordi Parramon

Nexus NeuroTech Ventures

Justin Butler

Partner at Eclipse Ventures

David J. Kim, M.D.

Managing Director at DigiTx Partners

Florian Haupt

Partner at TruVenturo GmbH

backed by

Partner with us

Our team of engineers and scientists is looking forward to meeting you.

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