One platform for brain data

Our cloud platform for brain data brings electrophysiology, brain imaging, and device data together with wearable data and clinical labels into an integrated environment for therapy development and delivery.

Wearable devices, iPhone, and Apple Watch.

01. Neurotech, Wearables, and Apps

Ingest brain data in the clinic or at-home, along with wearable and app generated labels.

02. Automated Data Pipeline

Automatically synchronize heterogeneous data streams and  aggregate data longitudinally and across patients.

03. High Performance Neural Database

State-of-the-art time-series database infrastructure scaled for neuroscience-sized workloads.
Rune Labs API and SDK

04. Rune Labs Stream API and SDK

Supporting search, filter, query, and compute on global data sets.  Open-sourced and extensible.
Dashboard with data visualization

05. Visualization, Analytics, and Insights

Out-of-the-box web visualization tools complemented with Python libraries optimized for brain data, ranging from group statistics to deep learning.
Platform diagram

How we partner


Digital health product

Enable delivery of precision care

for clinicians

Symptom and brain data tracking dashboards


Disease management and symptom tracking app
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Mobile app for patients


Efficiently develop the next generation of therapies

analytics platform

Cloud-based platform, structuring, organizing, and labeling brain data to enable efficient analysis.
  • Curation of existing brain data
  • Research backend for clinical trials
Analytics UI

real-world cohorts

Labeled brain data from cohorts with select neurological and psychiatric conditions collected using the digital health product


Heterogeneous data

We integrate time-series electrophysiology data with data from neuromodulation devices and wearables like the Apple Watch for a holistic view of patient response.

True aggregation

We apply consistent data labels both within and across patients so data can be searched, filtered, queried, and computed across all patients within a group.

Encrypted and secure

Our data pipeline is fully encrypted and we utilize modern security protocols including two-factor authentication. We regularly conduct 3rd party penetration testing.

HIPAA compliant

Data privacy is our top priority. Our platform has been independently certified as HIPAA compliant, and data privacy is baked into our zero-trust system architecture.

Collaboration tools

Our platform was designed with collaboration in mind, enabling industry to collaborate more effectively with academic researchers and the sharing of data between multiple teams.

World-class support

We succeed when the therapy developers using our platform succeed, and provide a range of support services including application engineering, template code, and real time chat.

for developers

Join our community of developers using our open-source tools to design and deliver better neuroscience therapies.

  • Big Data search, query, and filter
  • Multi-patient dataset creation and reconstruction
  • Machine learning, group level statistics, and other advanced analytics

API Documentation


Python SDK Documentation


Jupyter Notebook Templates
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our science

Electrophysiology and brain imaging data give network-level insight into neurodegenerative and psychiatric diseases.

Brain diseases like Parkinson’s and Depression result in pathological network-level brain activity.

When our partners record this activity, we help them understand patient-specific pathophysiologies to guide treatment, uncover hidden disease phenotypes, and design better targeted therapies.

Brain data

our science

Time-series brain data requires time-series labels to generate the most insight.

We work with our partners to prospectively enrich electrophysiological and related time-series brain data with video data, audio data, and data from wearable sensors.

This makes it possible to analyze the evolution of a neural state at fine time scales to discover new biomarkers for disease progression.

our science

Longitudinal and multi-patient analysis requires data aggregation.

We’ve automated the labeling, ingestion, and indexing of brain data at scale to create the largest ever aggregated datasets of these types.

With our software, our partners can collect and analyze real-world datasets without hassle, and clinical trial researchers optimize therapy parameters on a patient-by-patient basis.

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