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Our software-as-a-service platform provides data infrastructure and therapy management to existing and emerging neuromodulation systems. We help our partners get the most value out of their data.

Rune Labs data infrastructure

Diagram of StrivePD architecture
Diagram of StrivePD architecture
Diagram of StrivePD architecture


Heterogeneous data

We integrate time-series electrophysiology data with data from neuromodulation devices and wearables like the Apple Watch for a holistic view of patient response.

True aggregation

We apply consistent data labels both within and across patients so data can be searched, filtered, queried, and computed across all patients within a group.

Encrypted and secure

Our data pipeline is fully encrypted and we utilize modern security protocols including two-factor authentication. We regularly conduct 3rd party penetration testing.

HIPAA compliant

Data privacy is our top priority. Our platform has been independently certified as HIPAA compliant, and data privacy is baked into our zero-trust system architecture.

Collaboration tools

Our platform was designed with collaboration in mind, enabling industry to collaborate more effectively with academic researchers and the sharing of data between multiple teams.

World-class support

We succeed when the therapy developers using our platform succeed, and provide a range of support services including application engineering, template code, and real time chat.

for developers

Join our community of developers using our open-source tools to design and deliver better neuroscience therapies.

  • Multi-patient dataset creation and reconstruction
  • Multi-patient dataset creation and reconstruction
  • Machine learning, group level statistics, and other advanced analytics

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