Rune Labs gets FDA clearance to use Apple Watch to track Parkinson's symptoms. Read the press release

Your partner for precision neurology, powered by brain data

Rune Labs is a software and data analytics company for precision neurology, supporting care delivery and therapy development.

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By leveraging Rune Labs’ technology, patients can receive better and more tailored care from their clinicians, and life sciences companies can expedite the development and delivery of solutions of the future.

For Clinicians & Patients

StrivePD is our care delivery ecosystem for Parkinson’s disease. This tool enables patients to better manage Parkinson’s by providing their clinicians with access to curated dashboards summarizing a range of patient data sources, and by connecting patients to clinical trials.

  • Personalized symptom summaries and data-enriched care workflows for clinicians
  • Custom workflows for select advanced therapies
  • Influence care decisions for patients
  • Symptom and medication tracking via Apple Watch and patient app
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For Life Sciences

Rune Labs pioneered the use of real-world data in neurodegenerative diseases, providing access to a network of engaged clinicians and patients and large longitudinal real-world datasets to expedite therapy development programs supporting all life-science life cycles.

  • Clinical trial support including data collection, enriched trial recruitment, and synthetic control cohorts
  • Real-world evidence using patients, data, and technology from StrivePD
  • Commercial channels and therapy adoption via tailored clinician workflows
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We are patient centric

We want better, patient-centered treatments for brain disease. At Rune, empathy with the patients we engage with fuels not only our drive and passion, but our deep-felt respect of their privacy, dignity, rights, and humanity. We believe precision medicine starts with patient-centered design of the software and tools that enable it.

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