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StrivePD is powering a personalized approach to Parkinson’s care

For people living with Parkinson’s disease, every day can be a different experience. They experience both good days and bad days while attempting to balance medications and side effects. People experience daily symptom fluctuations that present and progress differently for each individual. People with Parkinson’s disease (PwPDs) may ask themselves, what decisions will my neurologist make for me regarding my treatment and health when I’m only seen once every 3 to 6 months? How accurately can I or my family members portray the impacts of my disease around the symptoms affecting my quality of life to my neurologist?

StrivePD, powered by Rune Labs, is the care ecosystem that monitors patients with Parkinson’s disease during their normal daily lives, and quantifies this experience for the care team. For patients and their family members, individuals can get a better understanding of what factors influence their symptoms such as medications, diet, exercise, etc. For neurologists, rich patient data is uploaded onto the platform, enabling them to make personalized decisions on treatments and other interventions.

The recent 510(k) clearance from the FDA enables individuals living with Parkinson’s disease and their care team to use the StrivePD ecosystem, a powerful tool to manage disease, and passively monitor their Parkinson’s symptoms including tremor and dyskinesia via the StrivePD app on Apple Watch. The FDA clearance is the first step to shorten the pathway for PwPDs to get optimal care. Not only does it give hospitals and centers confidence in partnering with Rune Labs, but provides extra validation that the FDA recognizes StrivePD as a safe and reliable tool that meets the highest standards of privacy. It also makes it possible for clinicians to use certain billing codes when reviewing data from the device, and helps the pharma industry identify novel biomarkers or endpoints to design more efficient clinical trials.

Easing the symptom reporting burden on patients

In order to modify an individual’s treatment and improve their quality of life, it is important to understand what happens throughout a patient’s typical day outside the clinical office. Many monitoring paradigms interrupt and disturb activities or create a burden on the patient. By using an Apple Watch with StrivePD, patients can live naturally. With the onset of symptoms, the person living with Parkinson’s can focus on their needs while StrivePD records the experience. When symptoms are under control on a good day, the person can live without thinking about their disease, which is also tracked on StrivePD. 

Historically, the industry has seen poor solutions for monitoring symptoms with the expectation that only a few days of data can be collected before the patient feels burnt out.  At best, this type of data will give a neurologist a vague idea of what some days look like for their patient, but it remains only a snapshot in time. With StrivePD and its ability to capture dyskinesia and tremor symptoms passively through the app on Apple Watch, more individuals can use this technology in their everyday life for Parkinson’s management, and their care teams can understand their current disease state and identify trends and patterns over time that can help patients achieve better symptom control. 

Now that the solution has been cleared by the FDA, StrivePD can reach anyone living with the disease. Combining passive monitoring with the innovative, consumer friendly Apple Watch, StrivePD becomes a companion throughout the progression of an individual’s disease rather than just a point in time. StrivePD is bringing together novel multimodal data to help neurologists take on a data-driven approach to care management for Parkinson’s disease. This enables  both the patient and the neurologist to detect rising problems earlier, provides data to suggest personalized treatment options, and also encourages treatment adherence due to the StrivePD feedback loop. Not only can these clinical insights improve the quality of life for neurologist’s patients, but the information also impacts the limited time spent with their patients.  

Aggregating and analyzing patient data

For the neurologist, it goes well beyond remote patient monitoring. StrivePD’s precision neurology dashboard supports investigation into the patient’s most troublesome symptoms and aids in interventional decision making. This becomes even more powerful when optimizing deep brain stimulation therapies. Tremor and dyskinesia data paired with brain data from Medtronic’s deep brain stimulation Percept™ device gives the clinician the clearest picture of how the stimulation is affecting the patient. Today, through our collaboration with Medtronic, we are bringing StrivePD to neurology centers across the country. Rune Labs is able to offer the solution free of charge and enable access for all partnered neurologists. For the neurologist’s patients, Rune Labs can provide Apple Watches to eligible PwPDs who are recommended to use StrivePD.

Though we directly partner with medical centers, neurologists, and their patients, the StrivePD mobile app is available to download for free via the Apple App Store. In its current state, PwPDs can use the app and log their medications, goals, influences such as food, sleep and activity, and any symptoms or side effects. For individuals who would like to pair their own Apple Watch (enabling tremor and dyskinesia monitoring capabilities through the app) or show their insights to their neurologists, they should join the StrivePD patient waitlist, and a Rune Labs employee will be in touch shortly. 

StrivePD’s purpose extends across the greater Parkinson’s community by helping PwPDs advocate for themselves and furthering access to new, advanced therapies for the disease. There is a strong correlation between proximity to large neurology and movement disorder centers and access to therapies such as Deep Brain Stimulation. StrivePD and its FDA clearance aim to level the playing field by giving PwPDs and their neurologist the data they need to show how well controlled someone is compared to the greater population and get the referrals they need for advanced care.

Enabling the future of Parkinson’s therapeutics

While a personalized medicine approach for an individual helps go beyond standard of care, population level data and statistics help future research and understanding of the disease to accelerate the future of therapies. StrivePD is built on Rune Labs’ large scale brain data platform, enabling the aggregation of anonymized real-world data with patient outcomes. This data will ultimately help researchers and neurologists create models that inform care and produce novel insights.

Rune Labs has plans to release the full tremor and dyskinesia monitoring capabilities via the StrivePD app on Apple Watch directly to PwPDs later this year.


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